Monday, June 4, 2012

Zimmerman back in jail.

That's right the man who killed Trayvon Martin, the 17 yr old supposed angel, had been free on a$150,000 bond. That means that he had to come up with 15 grand to get himself out. Not a small sum of money. However it apparently wasn't enough to satisfy the judge.

Judge Kenneth Lester Jr. has required that Zimmerman turn himself back in because the judge says that Zimmerman had access to over $100,000.  The part that really bothered the judge from what I can tell is that the wife and Zimmerman said they were broke under oath.

Now there is some money that has come in in the forms of donations for his legal defense fund. I don't know if this is that money or if this money the judge is talking about is money they previously had. Either way I don't see enough reason to make the guy come back to jail over it. He's already paid a legally set bond and obviously isn't trying to flee. Hide yes, flee no.

So I have to admit, my first thought was that this judge was a liberal hippie that bought into the Al Sharpton crap and did it to appease that group of people. After looking at a quick rundown of his record that I found here from the leftest view. From that article it seems that most of his reversals were for allowing the prosecution a bit too much leeway in the eyes of appeals courts. Of course like I said that is from the leftist view.

He is from Chicago though, went to school at UCF, and law school at UF.

Overall I don't know if he's a good judge or not. I just wonder why he wants to change the bail now. 

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