Saturday, July 7, 2012

Fewer Young Gun Republicans signing the Anti-Tax Pledge

I was reading Redstate today on an article about possibly needing a third party. Relax they weren't calling for one they were just stating that one may come about from the crap that we are receiving from the current Republican party.

On that point I happen to agree with him. While the concept of a third party may work in some respects when it comes to congressional races, if and only if the third party can win, mostly all it would do is split the conservative vote and ensure that Dems would take over complete power. This is especially true when it comes to Presidential elections. For my first exhibit in that regard I give you Ross Perot.

What really got me was a small nugget down at the bottom that caught my eye.
By the way, this year fewer and fewer Republican candidates are signing the tax pledge on the advice of Republican members of Congress. This is another warning sign that the Eric Cantor led Republican conference is going far afield from what those who vote Republican actually want.

Friday, July 6, 2012

100 million spent = 0 jobs created

We all know about Solyndra and the 535 million dollar boondoggle that was. Now comes news that another waste of close to 100 million of our tax dollars. Yep still part of the "green energy investment" that Obama is so fond of.

Nevada Geothermal Power, who as you can imagine received strong endorsements from Harry Reid, is about to go bankrupt. He claimed it would create jobs in Nevada and all we had to do was secure a 98.5 million dollar loan for them. Well we did and the total number of jobs created comes to.... 0. That's right. Nothing, not one job created. This would be funny if it weren't so sad.

Paul Ryan Confident in Repeal of Obamacare

I wish I could share his confidence during his interview with Breitbart. However I don't believe for a minute that Mitch McConnell or John Boehner have any kind of back bone to pull it off. I think Boehner can be forced into the vote by the actual adults in the room in the House but the Senate I fear is a lost cause.

Reid will never allow McConnell to bring the bill forward and, McConnell will fold like the cheap suit he is just so he doesn't upset the apple cart. Remember it was McConnell who killed Senator Jim Demint's bill to force the entirety of the Obamacare bill to be read on the Senate floor before it could be voted on. I guess he wanted to wait until he passed it to see what was in it.

Romney sets GOP record, raises 100 million in June alone.

Add that to the 77 million that he took in back in May and you have what is shaping up to be very interesting. Obama and his celebrity friends haven't been able to out gain Mitt since he got he nomination. Now with SCOTUS rallying the base in a way that I don't think Mittens ever could on his own, we are setting up for more whining from Obama.

My how times have changed.

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Bobby Jindal is a frickin genius.

Being from Louisiana originally I have followed Bobby Jindal since he broke onto the stage to win the Governorship of the state. I have been extremely impressed with his ability to get to the point of the problem and actually make reforms that are conservative and smart, and then find the political muscle to get them passed. He has managed to get teacher pay reformed in Louisiana, brought school choice to the state, remained a thorn in Obama's eye throughout the drilling moratorium in the Gulf of Mexico, and was one of the first to announce that he refused to expand Medicaid after the SCOTUS ruling.

But now he has shown the world why Mitt Romney needs to seriously consider him for the bottom half of the ticket.

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Happy 4th to everyone from The Handbook

On this the birth day of our great nation I would like to wish each of you a great 4th of July and hope you celebrate it in style.

Take the day off, after all I am, enjoy some festivities spend time with your family, and remember the reason we celebrate today.

236 years ago we threw off the shackles of a monarchy in hopes of creating a better nation. It always has been and will always be a fight to keep this nation great. So like I said. Take some time, enjoy the day and hit hard Tommorrow.

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

ICE agent Shot near Mexican Border

ICE agent Kelton Harrison, was shot twice in the abdomen Tuesday morning near Hidalgo County, TX. In a revelation that shocks no one it is a known drug trafficking route.

He is currently in stable condition as reported by Fox News. Apparently he was shot while driving an unmarked SUV off-road. Some shell casings were recovered and there is a belief that there were two shooters.

Everyone Pray for a speedy recovery.

Handbook question: Known drug trafficking route? Any chance one of those 2000 Fast and Furious guns have struck again?

Texas Law doing its job.

Seriously this is good news. The Houston Chronicle is reporting that the number of criminals killed under the "Stand your Ground Law" has increased since the law was expanded in 2007. Ladies and Gentlemen that is the result of a law doing it's job.

As more criminals are removed from the gene pool by force and not allowed to use the courts to pacify and coddle them there will be fewer of them to worry about.

July 4th Fireworks cancelled because birds could be scared.

In a headline that makes you go wtf? Fox News is reporting via The Oregonian that the July 4th fireworks display in the town of Depoe Bay has been canceled because some birds could get scared.

No seriously.

Romney says Obamacare not a Tax and McConnel already squirming his way out of repeal.

Romney's problem stems from the fact that if he goes after Obamacare, Obama will come after him about Romneycare in Mass. So in an effort to try to walk a very fine line and not piss anyone off, he instead pisses everyone off. Well everyone that matters anyway.

McConnells problem is the same as John Boehner's, he has no spine, none, the man is a damn jellyfish. If he had a spine, we wouldn't even have Obamacare, and the debt ceiling debacle would have ended completely differently. If Boehner had a spine we wouldn't have had the Transportation-HUD bill pass recently as a combination bill so that he could get on vacation.

Monday, July 2, 2012

Republicans hate you slightly less than Obama

Alternate headline: Republicans still don't have a backbone. Personally I liked the one I put up there, and since I write the damn thing I'll do what I want.

Now on to the actual point of this post. the 2013 Transportation - HUD conglomeration of bills that should have all been voted on individually, passed while reducing the total cost by 3.9 billion less than last year. Good news right? Well since we spent 3.6 trillion last year, and only took in 2.3 trillion that means we saved .003% of our deficit last year. That means we only have 99.997% left to find, just to break even. Or to put it in a number that you understand, we only need to find $1,296,100,000,000 more of wasteful spending in the budget right?

Don't Forget Al Qaeda sill wants to kill you.

And not in the Ahmed the puppet "I kill you" funny way either. I mean they really want you to die. Why won't you just die you damn infidel?

In their latest attempt to end your life, they are again trying to blow up planes. According to the New York Post a Norwegian named Muslim Abu Abdurrahman, who was converted and radicalized in 2008 was selected to attempt in the glorious fashion that the underwear bomber Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab tried back in 2009. Actually I have no idea if he was going to place the bomb in his underwear.

Sunday, July 1, 2012

More Begging from Barack Obama

So I signed up a while back to receive all the Obama for America stuff. Mostly because I find it humorous to read. Then I realized that this stuff is comedic gold. Take for instance the latest message I got yesterday from Barack Obama himself.

I wonder if he actually took the time to write this out in his personal email account? Maybe that's what he does on all those flights on Air Force One.