Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Syria wants to be lonely

Was watching the news and heard this on Fox News.

After some western countries removed Syrian ambassadors last week in response to the Houla massacre, Syria has decided to respond by kicking returning the favor.

Some countries have informed our diplomatic missions and our embassies' staff that they are unwelcome," Foreign Ministry spokesman Jihad Makdessi said in a statement.
He said Damascus has decided to take a "reciprocal measure" against ambassadors from the U.S., Britain, Turkey, Switzerland, France, Italy and Spain. A number of French, German, Canadian, Bulgarian and Belgian diplomats also are affected, Makdessi said.

From what I can tell all the Ambassadors were gone already anyway. So now it's more of a formality that we aren't allowed to come back. 

The White House has said that there is no chance of a military option without complete support of the UN. Also the Chinese and the Russians are coming up with a plan. I'm sure that everything in that plan will be to promote democracy and basic human rights and freedoms.

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