Sunday, June 3, 2012

Welcome Back to the Handbook

So I went away for a little while. To the three of you that read this, well thanks for sticking around. I came back and had just one thought. This country has lost its collective frickin mind.

I see Mittens basically has the nomination wrapped up. Great! Of all the people running this is the guy we choose? Wow we are dumb. Let's just hope he doesn't screw it up.

Of course he couldn't have an easier opponent to defeat. Well at least it's an easy opponent with people who have actually been paying attention. The rest of em well, lets just hope most of them stay home in Nov.

 I also see that Bambi is missing the civility of the '08 election. Moe Lane at Redstate pretty much summed that one up nicely so just read his and tell me you don't agree.

Lets see Patterico has been SWATTED by a convicted bomber. Eric Erickson,  Aaron Walker and others have had the same done to them. Luckily for Eric he had notified his local police that something like this might happen. Aaron has been fired from his job and forced to move. Nope nothing wrong with that. Exactly what you would think would happen to someone who was exercising their first amendment right in the USSR. Wait, what was that? You said we're in the USA? Oh well then I'm sure the ACLU is rushing to his defense right? Oh still no? Hmm...
Not surprisingly Fox News is the only one that I can find picking up the story.

In other news the DOJ still doesn't like you.

We still have no jobs in this country. I'm sure that statement surprises all of you. But no really it's true. Our ability to create jobs sucks. At least that's what the Jobs Report keeps saying.

One last thing. Obama isn't even above 50% against Romney in CA. Obama is going to win CA, no one doubts that. But he Romney can keep it close and make him spend money there who know what can happen in states that can be flipped like FL, VA, OH, and maybe PA.

Once again sorry I was gone for so long. My goal is to at least put something up a little more frequent that every 3 months.

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