Saturday, June 9, 2012

Good News! DOJ to investigate security leaks. Updated

Eric Holder has identified two U.S. attorneys to investigate where the recent surge in classified leaks came from. Ronald Machen,US attorney for DC, and Rod Rosenstein, US attorney for Maryland, will lead up the two separate investigations being run by the FBI.

Now let me save everyone some time and money. Start the investigation at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. That's where they came from. John McCain who rarely gets anything right seems to get it. Or at least he did when he was talking to Anderson Cooper

Video here.

So let's see, the same DOJ that won't prosecute the new black panther party for voter intimidation, because as Holder put it, those are "His people". The same DOJ that refuses to come clean on Fast and Furious, the same DOJ that is suing the state of FL for trying to get dead people off the voter rolls. These are the people that are going to "..doggedly follow the facts and the evidence in pursuit of justice wherever it leads."

Lets see checking the actual handbook for democrat reactions to scandals.. and yep.. odds of this investigation just slowly dying away due to unwillingness to follow it to where it should go. We at The Handbook have it somewhere north of 75%. Chances some low level scapegoat who didn't have access to the information but gets blamed anyway, well some where near 80%.

But that's just my opinion. Realistic odds of anyone ever being charged much less convicted? Somewhere south of 0.

Update: Sorry remember Handbook central is in England currently, and as such I usually get things late, or never at all, that being said I just read this post on Hot Air about how the White House is rejecting calls for an independent investigator or a Congressional investigation. Yep, definitely transparency in action right there.

Oh and we offend Obama by insinuating that the White House is the source of the leaks. Cause he would never do something like that to make himself look better.  

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