Saturday, December 3, 2011

Did you know driving will lower your chance of being a virgin?

According to Saudi Arabia allowing women to drive in that country would ‘provoke a surge in prostitution, pornography, homosexuality and divorce’. And that within 10 years there would be no more virgins in the Kingdom.

I still haven't managed to make the 7 degrees of Bacon connection on this one. It is above my mental capacity I guess. As Hot Air said it may make insurance premiums go up and create individual mandates but homosexuality? Really?

I'm so confused by this.. I thought cars were your sense of freedom, made you feel young.. not make you wanna play for the other team.

Herman Cain Announcement Today

So Herman Cain is going to make a big announcement today. Is it that he's getting out of the race? I don't know. Hot Air thinks he might be, but also has a lot of clues to make you think he might not be.

At this point who knows other than Herman Cain himself.

Either way once an announcement is made I'll keep you updated.

Friday, December 2, 2011

ACLU pissed Siri doesn't give directions to abortion clinics

Apple and in particular Siri are the newest targets of the ACLU and abortion rights wackos. They are pissed because the I-phone personal assistant will not give you directions to your nearest baby murder factory.

Congress Calls Obamas Bluff

I was going to write about this a couple of days ago. Then my computer decided that it no longer wanted to cooperate with me at all. After multiple sayings that can't be repeated and blue screens a plenty I managed to get it back late yesterday.

Now on to the problems. The House and Senate both passed a 662 billion dollar defense bill that normally would just sail through and become law. But this one has a problem that Obama just cant stand the thought of. It requires that anyone caught and admits to affiliation to Al Quaeda or other terrorist organization instantly becomes property of the U.S. Military, even if they are US citizens. This waives their rights to trials and opens them up to indefinite detention.

Obama, Panetta, and every civil rights group out there hates it. That tells me it probably is a good plan. Although i do understand the slippery slope argument for the citizens captured and held indefinitely.

The Senate voted 92-7 for it, not sure about the house vote yet, but it seems like it would veto proof as well. Now all that has to happen is the bills to be combined and sent to his desk. 

Al Queda with US Hosatge?

Possibly. Per Fox News Ayman Al-Zawahiri released a video statement that saying that Warren Weinstein would be released once US strikes on Afghan, Pakistan, Somolia, and Yemen.

Camp Victory now in Iraqi hands

As of today Camp Victory now belongs completely to the Iraqi government. The base that we built to house military leadership throughout the Iraqi war was turned over with no fan fare, no ceremony, just the signings of some paperwork similar to that of  closing on a house.

Why does GOP leadership hate us?

I ask this question not from one particular incident but from the conglomeration of everything they have done to stab us in the back. From the days of GWB's congress runaway spending that only got worse under democratic control to the most recent lie they told us about no omni-bus bills.

Thursday, December 1, 2011

See Boehner has no backbone or principals

This from Fox News.
In a turn of events that will surprise absolutely no one. Speaker John Boehner is probably going to side with Dems and pass an Omni-bus CR since the gov will run out of money come Dec 16.

I am shocked I tell you, Shocked, Speechless even.

Schumer Believes D will pick up seats in '12

Senator Chuck Schumer is either high on something or is seriously trying to convince himself its not as bad it's gonna be. In an interview with The Hill he claimed that Democrats not only will hold their majority in the Senate but expand their lead.

Apparently Congress does feel shame

I guess there is even an amount of public intrusion and knowledge into their secret lives that will make Congress at least try to give the impression of acting responsibly. Peter Schweizer's book "Throw Them all Out" apparently caused enough of a problem for congressional image that a Democrat from NY none the less introduced a bill called the STOCK (Stop Trading On Congressional Knowledge) Act and already has 127 cosponsors.

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Louisiana and Indiana denied Obamacare waivers

At first read of Michelle Malkins piece from yesterday about Indiana and Louisiana being denied Obamacare waivers I was inclined to agree with her. Her point about other states with Republican Governors receiving waivers made sense. Then I thought about it a little more.

Could a Bloomberg run guarantee Repub Victory?

Ed Morrissey recently wrote a column talking about possible third party candidate runs in The Week. He talked about a possible Ron Paul and Sara Palin run but the last name that he brought up made me think a little bit. He touched on a Bloomberg independent run. Could it happen? Who knows, the man definitely has the money to make a run in the Perot style. The real question becomes would it make a difference?

Sorry Ann but your WRONG!

I'd say about 90% of the time I truly enjoy and agree with what Ann Coulter writes. However, her latest article makes me think she might have hit the eggnog a bit early this year. Ann tries to convince us with missives about Newt's unelectability that Mittens is the only logical choice. Not only that but he is destined to become the nominee.

Britain on Strike today

So the Unions here in England are what the Unions in America want to become. Completely in power and unquestioned. Well it looks like they got questioned by the government here.

I am actually here and this is actually affecting my life. Due to the brilliance in union leadership approximately 2 million workers are on strike for today, including teachers. So because of this my child does not get to go to school today to further her education. Is it just one day, sure, but that is beside the point.

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Kid named Jihad in Germany

Ok so the story is a muslim woman named Elfi Yaghi who weighs close to 600 550 pounds named her 13 pound newborn Jihad. She has 13 kids already and names the largest baby ever born in Germany Jihad. No nothing going on there. Lets see she was told she had gestational diabetes during pregnancy but didn't exactly follow doctors orders on her diet during the pregnancy. So now she has a 13 pound slap in the face to the western world.

Best thing is at some point the German government is going to have to pay for this fat womans medical bills, or to cut the wall out of her house when she does decide to move.

#1 Reason to make sure GOP doesn't screw up in the House

Quite simple actually. If for some reason the GOP snatches defeat from the jaws of victory and loses the house. (which lets be honest, with this cast of characters isn't completely out of the realm). Guess who gets to head up the banking committee? If you guess Maxine Waters you win the door prize.

CNN tries to make you feel bad for illegals

I think I vaguely remember this story from a few months ago. Of course back then I would have felt the exact same way that I do now. "Oh well sucks to be you."

American Airlines files Bankruptcy

According to Fox Business American Airlines has filed for Chapter 11 Bankruptcy protection. This was the only airliner that hadn't filed for bankruptcy in the last 10 years and as such was apparently working with higher operating costs than the others due mostly to personnel and pension costs.

No services will be affected during the restructuring according to the incoming CEO Thomas Horton. If you had a flight reserved, I guess that means you still have a flight. Which would be a good thing.

Iran Protestors attack British Embassy

Apparently the Iranians are none to happy with the British right now. I guess the imposition of new sanctions against the Iranian regime have upset the Iranian people as they are now storming the British Embassy. More to follow here at Hotair.

Once everything sorts out I'll be back with some of our lame attempts at understand and explaining what happened.

UPDATE: According to Hotair at the time the riot police were standing by and doing nothing. Well I guess they finally figured out why they were there because Fox News is reporting that the situation was back under control about 2 hours after it started. 

Newts Plans for parts of the Drug War

Newt was at the Books-a-Million in Naples Fl on Fri where he met approximately 650 fans and a few reporters. The interview that he gave to Chris Moody of Yahoo revealed some very interesting nuggets and might have the very basis of why Newt might be able to sew up the nomination by being Not Mitt Romney.

UPDATED: A Mea Culpa and the last Herman Cain Post

We here at The Handbook thought we were on to something. We had found a guy with a good business acumen and apparent set of principled beliefs that we thought we could get behind. For a while the ride was a fun one. Then the first allegations came of the sexual harassment. Those didn't seem to hurt him at first until they continued to pile up. Now comes the newest story that he had a 13 year affair with a woman.

Monday, November 28, 2011

UPDATED: Barney Frank to go the way of the Dodo

All of Most of my prayers have been answered. Well those pertaining to congress anyway. Ted Kennedy is no longer in Congress we put a Republican (at least in name) in his seat and now Barney Frank finally gets out of dodge. It might be a good year yet.

NH and the sane

About 10 days ago we here at The Handbook asked the question of could Mitt Romney lose NH. We did it based off of some polling that we had seen at various other blogs and such forth. Now getting closer we realize that even with the Union Leader endorsement Mittens is probably a lock for NH.

This is a problem. He would be a terrible candidate and an even worse president. Redstate made a point that if Romney does win then basically the entire campaign is going to be trying to paint him as John Kerry. That makes perfect sense. Idiot pol from Mass that can't seem to make up his mind about anything or take a stand on any position. Sounds awfully familiar to Kerry. Add to that the fact that Obamacare was based on Romneycare and you have even more things for O to piss off the conservative base with and make sure that he gets four more years of Hope to Change our country to a third world country.

Now surprisingly the one thing that Romney won't back away from is Romneycare. Which to be honest with you it seems to be the one thing that he is willing to stand on. Granted it's not like he can hide from it, but basically it tells us every thing we need to know about him. The only thing he's willing to stake out a position on that won't change is the fact we need more government in our lives.