Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Scott Walker lays the smack down!!

This post is taking a small bit of time to write, unfortunately my 2 year old decided to knock my beer on my laptop. So I'm writing this with a combination of my actual keyboard and the catastrophe that is the on screen keyboard. I say this so if there are more typos than normal you'll know why.

Now on to the good stuff.

Last night was suppose to be the night that Libs put all those pesky conservatives in there place. So imagine my surprise to wake up today to find out that Walker not only won. He kicked wimpy liberal ass all over the state. His statement after the results showed just how much Walker completely understands what voters are after. 

“They [the voters] said loudly, not just in Wisconsin, but across the country, ‘If you do the right thing, if you make the tough choices, voters will stand with you.’”

Of course Obama believes a message was sent to Walker and those union hating conservatives. I'm not completely sure what that message is but I for one hope that its the same message that they use in November.

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