Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Its that time in WI today. Updated: DOJ to monitor

Well it's here. The recall that is but isn't the referendum on Barack Obama and the Union thuggery that has encompassed his campaign. At the end of today hopefully we have good news to share. But as Erick Erickson posted up this morning you just never know.

Dems have made a living of stealing elections. With the knowledge that Mickey Mouse and Hitler were allowed to sign the recall petition to get this whole thing going with no one questioning it, well should we really be surprised if we find out there is a little hankey going on in WI today?

Barret says that he is confident he will win. Scott Walker says the same thing. Hot Air has a post up that Walker has a 95% chance of winning today. Frankly words like that scare us here at The Handbook.

Our hopes and dreams crushed too many times by elections we thought we had, or politicians that told us they were with us and stabbed us in the back as soon as they could.

Updates once results start coming in.

Update: Well this can be nothing but good news. The DOJ has decided to descend upon  WI and ensure that the election is fair and nothing is out of the ordinary. Which probably means that the Black Panthers will be outside of the polling places with batons.
Not that the DOJ is biased or anything like that.

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