Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Just in case you forgot Republican Leadership still has no spine.

On Sept 30th the US Government is going to run out of money. How can this happen you ask? Simple a budget hasn't been passed by the US Senate in FOUR (4) years. That's how. Now there is a mad scramble to make sure that a continuing resolution gets passed before then to avert a government shutdown. Why such a rush? It's election season, didn't you get the memo? It's that time of year when nothing of substance can be done (not that it happens any other time either) for the fear of rocking the boat upsetting someone and possibly losing your job.

So Republican leadership is more than happy to negotiate cave to all Democratic demands for a 6 month CR to make sure they don't get any bad press.

Shocking: NYT still skewing polls

NYT and CBS teamed up with Quinnipiac to conduct a poll in OH, FL and PA. Shockingly they managed to make it look like Obama was running away with this election.

Personally I don't know as much about polling skews and weighting and all the crap that comes with polling. The guys over at Hot Air seem to have a pretty good handle on it and from the numbers they show for the polling it shows what my gut instantly knew. That the NYT and CBS made sure this poll came out the way that they wanted.

Monday, July 30, 2012

Is Scalial getting sqeemish on 2nd amendment?

I would argue no, since he has given us no indication that he forgot how to read the constitution, but I would have said that same thing about John Roberts a couple months ago. In an interview with Fox News he talks about possibilities of gun control getting through and in some cases being legal.