Saturday, November 19, 2011

Enlightening speech on C-Span

Sitting at work yesterday one of the few channels that I have available to me is C-Span. Most of the time it takes about 10 minutes before I'm bored and have on. However a speech that was given by Congressman Rob Woodhall (R-GA 7th) I found extremely interesting.

Most of what I found interesting was the back and forth between him and Rep Steve King (R-IA 5th) about tax rates and hidden taxes. We'll get to that in a minute though.

Friday, November 18, 2011

Could Romney lose NH?

In my sporadic watching of news lately apparently there was a seismic shift that I can honestly say that I didn't see coming. When the Cain problems started I wasn't sure who would pick up his supporters but to be honest I never really thought that it could be Newt. Turns out I was probably pretty wrong.

According to a poll from Magellan Strategies in NH, Newt and Romney are now both virtually tied. With Mittens having 29% and Newt right behind at 27%. This is pretty impressive. I still want to see at least one more poll show this just to back it up, but if it's true. Oh the happiness. Mittens entire campaign I believe has always been to have a decent showing in Iowa then storm through NH, and build that air of invincibility. Well if he loses both or just barely covers in NH. Then what?

Combine this with the polls that came out showing Newt in or near the front in IA and you have something that I'm sure the Romney campaign never saw coming. Let's be honest here, none of us really saw Newt's rise coming. His baggage is suppose to be what prevents him from winning right. Well maybe this idea he has of coming out with all of it and laying it on the table is working. Now we get to see what happens when the oppo research really kicks into high gear on him.

Personally I think that the fav/unfav on Newt is pretty impressive in this poll. 59/31 with only 10 saying they don't have an opinion.

One other thing. Only Ron Paul, Newt, and Mitt Romney have favorable ratings. Everyone else is underwater, with the worst being Rick Perry at 21/66/12.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Obligatory,,, Bullets flyin at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave.

According to a story on Fox News two bullets were found by the Secret Service at the White House. One had broken a glass before the safety features kicked in. The other was found outside, although it doesn't specify if it was found in the wall or anything like that. So I guess the slug was just laying on the ground or something.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Wearing US Flag T-shirt Offensive and Banned....... IN AMERICA!!

Apparently when I didn't keep up over the last week or so I missed something pretty important. At some point a school principal decided that a t-shirt with the American Flag was offensive, or could be offensive on Cinco-de-Mayo. So he banned US Flag shirts on that day. WTF?

And there is a judge out there dumb enough to agree with him.

Hermain Cains Fall?

Herman Cain apparently doesn't like us here at The Handbook. Since our backing of him he seems to have gone out of his way to completely destroy his candidacy. Or maybe it's the Democratic Machine that hates us. Then again it could all possibly be coincidence.

Apologies from the Handbook

I usually try to make sure at least something gets put up here everyday. Over the last few days I've been a little busy with work and everything else and this just fell by the wayside. For all three of you who read this we at The Handbook apologize.

Add to that I really just haven't felt like doing it lately and you get what you have since the last time I posted which is nothing. But have no fear I am in the process of getting some stuff up. And soon I'll talk about what is appearing to become a disastrous backing of Herman Cain, the fact that we've proved what we always knew that congress considers themselves above the laws the pass for the rest of us, and a sudden rise from the person that I thought could make a good candidate but had too much baggage in Newt Gingrich. Oh and Perry's failure during the debate to remember the DOE and how that probably killed his chances.

So stay tuned some things will be up soon.