Monday, June 4, 2012

Wisconsin Recall Tommorrow

If any of you are in Wisconsin or just interested in knowing, tomorrow is the recall election for Scott Walker. Never mind that this farce of an election has wasted untold millions of dollars at a time when most states and counties can't afford their budgets as it is.

Most of the polls currently show Walker with a lead and what appears to be a victory tomorrow. However nothing is certain until the end of the vote counting.

I find it interesting that Obama has decided not to be involved with this particular recall. Especially once it started showing that all of the reforms instituted by Walker actually started to make improvements. That probably pissed the unions off even more. Once all of the National parts of the Democratic party realized it was probably going to be a losing effort they pretty much  started lowering expectations. Once DWS came out and claimed that the recall was not a referendum on Obama that pretty much told everyone what was expected to happen tomorrow.

Always remember every election has consequences some just have more than others.

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