Thursday, June 7, 2012

2/3 of people don't want Obamacare

The surprising part about this for me is that it is from the NYT/CBS poll. According to them 41% want the entire bill struck down, and 27% want just the mandate removed.

Since NYT/CBS came up with 68% who want at least some this law removed and only 24% that want to keep it in tact completely. Let's see computing NYT margin of bias in personal beliefs (calculator out) and I would assume that number of people who want to get rid of it in some fashion is closer to 75%. 8% of people polled wouldn't answer. I'm assuming that's the group that didn't understand what was going on or still believed that FDR was President and didn't know who this Obama whipper snapper was.

 Now that being said. I don't personally know how much SCOTUS actually gives a damn what you and me think.

So after I saw the post on Hot Air, I was curious just how much the NYT was promoting this little bit of  news on their website.

Front page? Ha not there. Political section about half way down and not exactly in the boldest of prints. I understand this is different than the actual paper itself where the front page headline is the biggest headline. But this is like being buried on page 27 right behind the coupons. Not that I expect anything less from them. Now had this poll went the other way. Front page and probably had the entire homepage dedicated to it.

Although according to the NYT WI is in the toss up category come Nov and Obama is only 11 Electoral votes ahead. 217-206.

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