Thursday, January 3, 2013

Joygasim: Boehner re-elected as Speaker

May we now get exactly what we voted for. A fool with no backbone and zero principals who is possibly the worst negotiator in the history of the republic.

I'm so glad only 9 Republicans in the house actually had the guts to try to remove this idiot from office. I'm sure this will work out wonderfully. Especially since Boehner now refuses to negotiate one on one with the President. Of course with him, that's probably a good thing.

We asked for it, Now we have it.

For the last month I have been screaming to the world and all three of you here that read this, that we needed to go over the cliff. Pass a bill in the house that was logical and made full of common sense, you know balancing the budget type stuff, and then send it to the Senate and walk away. Instead what happened is what always happens. The Republican "Leadership" caved and gave away everything and then some.

Oh and for those of you about to say it, DO NOT come to me and talk about changing a narrative for the debt ceiling debate. Even you can't possibly believe that Boehner (if still speaker) and McConnell are going to show any more backbone than what they did here.