Saturday, December 15, 2012

Concussion prevents Hillary from Testifying... Next Week

That's right. As reported by Fox News recently. Our Secretary of State fainted and hit her head causing a concussion. Plausible that it could happen. Causing her to be so out of it she cannot testify five days away is a bit less.

Not saying there is anything funny going on here. Just sayin its a bit funny that they already canceled her appearance five days away without waiting to see just how long she was affected by it. I understand that concussions can cause extreme discomfort and sensitivity to light and sound, both of which are in excess in a Senate hearing. However, to decide five days away that it isn't going to happen when a professional athlete will wait until the day of them running full speed into other large men in the case of football players before they make that decision, just seems a bit, well, fishy.

Gird your loins the Gun Grabbers are coming!!!

Before we get to the meat of this I would like to say a few things. First is the absence of The Handbook for the last few months. Those of you who have continued to visit us and read our previous musings are greatly appreciated.

Secondly to the families and friends of those affected by the senseless evil attacks on a kindergarten class in CT have our deepest thoughts and prayers. Our minds may never be able to comprehend why or how someone can commit such an atrocity against the most innocent in our society. The concept of dropping my child off at school to never see them again is more than I know I could ever handle. I cannot imagine the pain and suffering that those families are going through right now.