Saturday, June 23, 2012

Woman sues 11 yr old over baseball,

I found a story on Fox News that basically told me everything that is wrong with this country today. No one is willing to accept their own problems. Everything is somebody elses fault.

Case in point a New Jersey woman is suing a 13 yr old boy for something that happened when he was 11. What happened you ask? Did he burn her house down, wreck her car, destroy her wedding day? Nope, she was sitting next to the bull pen where he was warming up another pitcher for his team. Shockingly an 11 year old wasn't the most accurate with one throw that sailed on him and hit the woman in the face. Now she's suing for $150,000 plus pain and suffering.

Friday, June 22, 2012

Obama's gay parade in the WH gives Reagan the finger.

As most of you know I revere the memory and accomplishments of the man who had to fix Jimmy Carters attempted destruction of America and bring down the Soviet Union at the same time. So to see this today just well angered me beyond words.

Cellulosic Ethanol in your car this year!!

Or at least that's what the EPA has mandated. Well they mandated it back in 2005 because they, in their typical government alter-reality, believed that mandating some new product would magically make it appear. Problem is of the 500 million gallons that are required to be used this year there are.... 0 gallons available. That's right. None, zip, zilch, nada. There is not a single gallon in existence to be used in commercial applications. There is as much of this stuff out there to put in to your car as there is unicorns to harvest farts from.

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Nancy Pelosi goes off and acts like.. well.. Nancy Pelosi

So I wasn't going to say anything her crap today, because well talking about her makes me feel like I'm losing brain cells. Then again maybe that's what finally happened to her, the last 3 useful brain cells she had finally died. That's the only explanation that I can come up with for the earlier stuff that came out about how she claimed to have the power to arrest Karl Rove at any point she saw him in the Capital and put him in some jail inside the Capital that no one else knows about, which was well delusional to say the least.

Now she's claiming that she knows that the GOP is only going after Eric Holder because he is trying to stop the GOP from suppressing voters. Wait, what?

Sex Predators can't hide on Facebook in LA

The state of LA just passed a law that makes it a requirement for all sex offenders and child predators to identify themselves as such on their social media pages.

The law is intended to inform the public just like when a sexual predator moves into a neighborhood and has to identify themselves at that point. Personally I like the law. Of course I also believe that they should have to live with large billboards in their yards showing their face and screaming to the world that they are sexual predators, and well I don't think they should ever be allowed to see the light of day after they are caught but until someone makes that law at least we're moving in the right direction.

From Fox News:

A new Louisiana law requires convicted sex offenders and child predators to reveal their status on social media websites.
Having failed to ban such offenders from websites like Facebook and Google+, state lawmakers instead decided sex offenders should be required to notify the online community of their presence the same way they must notify a neighborhood when they move in, WWL radio reported.
"In today's society, people come into our homes via the Internet, whether it's Facebook or Pinterest or Instagram," GOP Rep. Jeff Thompson said. "We should have the same information available."
If offenders fail to abide by the law, they face up to 10 years in prison.
"This provides prosecutors with another tool to make sure that those people which intend harm to our children are going to face the consequences," Thompson said.

Handbook question #1: Any chance Facebook adds a "Sexual Predator" option on your information page?

Handbook question #2: How long until the ACLU challenges this in court claiming a violation of personal rights of felons?

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

AG Holder Found in Contempt

Now the question becomes can Boehner keep his spine long enough to let the floor vote happen next week? I give it 50/50.

With the stonewalling finally reaching a boiling point after Congress finally tired of asking Holder and the DOJ to produce the documents relating to Fast and Furious they finally got the contempt vote completed this afternoon. Personally this should have happened about 5 minutes after he blatantly lied to Congress months ago, but I guess better late than never.

So how does this hurt Obama, can this be tied around his neck like an anchor? When does the process start with the courts to remove the Executive Privilege claim?

So much more to come.

New slogan for Obama this year:

Obama 2012, you don't need to know.

Finally!!! Obama calls for transparency.

When it comes to the names of the donors of Crossroads GPS. So when it's someone else that is trying to a favor to the country and make sure that Obama is not re-elected, well those people need to be completely transparent.

Of course he hasn't called for Priorities USA, the non-profit set up to help Obama get re-elected, to disclose their donors. That could be because they don't have as many donors as they hoped for.

Once again it's all political. Just like this morning. If Obama didn't have any kind of part or knowledge of Fast and Furious why would he exert Executive Privilege?

Oh yeah because when his AG gets cited for Contempt of Congress, it will probably not be the best re-election speech to hang your hat on. The booming economy we have had under him will be much better. Oh wait.

Read the story in the WSJ here.

Obama Exerts Executive Privilege on F&F Docs.. Move along, Nothing to see here.

I saw the breaking news while I was at work this afternoon. (I'm in England, remember.) Obama had granted Holder's request for Executive privilege on the 2300 pages that the House Oversight committee had been asking for since well forever.

Since Holder's power point presentation didn't sway over Issa last night, and the vote for contempt was still going forward today Holder went begging to his boss for a favor. A favor Obama was more than willing to issue. Because of this Congress now has to contest Executive Privilege on all these documents so that we can find out just how deep into this Eric Holder or other members of the DOJ were involved.

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Shocking. Holder still wont comply with supena.

In a turn of events that will surprise no one, Erick Holder still has not sent Issa the documents that were requested.
Issa made it clear that he doesn't care about meeting with him he only wants the documents.
The fact that the DOJ refuses to produce the documents related to the death of a federal agent while being threatened with contempt charges speaks volumes.
Bring on the vote.

New thing to do in Wal Mart... Make Meth

No seriously, you can apparently make Meth while you shop in Wal Mart. No more dangerous drug deals on corners, no more blowing up your house. Do it right there in the store. Or at least that's what James Richardson was trying to do.


Will Issa cave on Fast and Furious?

Getting home from work today, I began perusing the interwebs of news to see what I missed while I was at work. What I found wasn't completely new but it did give some more information that quite frankly pissed me off, even though it shouldn't have, I should have seen it coming.

Reports are out that Issa will meet with Holder tonight in an attempt by Holder to stop from being cited for contempt and then hopefully fired along with his boss. That in and of itself doesn't piss me off what does is this small sentence of the story

Monday, June 18, 2012

Great News: McCain wants to revist Campaign Finance Reform

The lefts favorite Republican was at it again on Sunday. While on Meet the Press he told everyone just what he thought of the Citizens United decision from the Supreme Court.

"I think there will be scandals as associated with the worst decision of the Supreme Court in the 21st Century — uninformed, arrogant, naive," McCain said on NBC's "Meet the Press."

Yep, because he has shown the brilliance of being able to figure out how campaign finance should work. Maybe he should sponsor a bill in the Senate or something. Oh wait, you say he already did?

Even Obamas Professors have turned on him

One of the Professors that taught Barry Obama at Harvard has come out with a Youtube video that calls for "The One" to be defeated in Nov. But not for the reasons you might think. Well some of the reasons you might think.

This is the same guy who said he was never "friends" with Obama even though he talked to him throughout his campaign. He claimed that he didn't want to get to close because his leftist ideas could cause Obama harm.
Seriously how much farther left can you get than Obama?

Dems with no Public Unions Fail, in other news water is wet.

On Fox News today Chris Stirewalt wrote an article that basically said out loud what everyone already knew. Dems can never survive without Unions and primarily PEU's. Why? Because as the article says its a vicious cycle:

The cycle for five decades has been that unions support the campaigns of Democrats who promise to expand the power of unions. Thus empowered, the unions have more money with which to elect more Democrats who further expand union powers. And so it goes.

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Happy Fathers Day from The Handbook

To all the fathers out there The Handbook would like to tell you to enjoy your fathers day.