Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Pension reform in.......... California???

Yep you read that right. San Diego and San Jose both voted to curb public employee pension plans. With San Diego voting 66% in favor and San Jose voting at 70% there is no mistaking that the people have caught a fever and only reducing union costs can cure it.

The unions o\f course used the same arguments that it is unfair to the people that have paid into the plan and now get less in retirement. In a way I can see that argument then common sense pops into my head and i realize that if they hadn't b een so greedy in the f\irst place they wouldn't have the current problems with the bill that passed.

Now that the unions were dealt two more losses on top of\ the massive beat downs they took last night in WI, any chance they stop being the problem and start working with the real adults to become part of\ the solution?

Yeah I didn't think so either.

Quick question though any chance CA becomes the next state to take on union thugs?  Yeah me either.

Read what Hot Air has to say ab out it.

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