Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Romney says Obamacare not a Tax and McConnel already squirming his way out of repeal.

Romney's problem stems from the fact that if he goes after Obamacare, Obama will come after him about Romneycare in Mass. So in an effort to try to walk a very fine line and not piss anyone off, he instead pisses everyone off. Well everyone that matters anyway.

McConnells problem is the same as John Boehner's, he has no spine, none, the man is a damn jellyfish. If he had a spine, we wouldn't even have Obamacare, and the debt ceiling debacle would have ended completely differently. If Boehner had a spine we wouldn't have had the Transportation-HUD bill pass recently as a combination bill so that he could get on vacation.
I have been saying it since, well forever. None of these idiots are to be trusted. I recently predicted that even if they take the House, Senate, and White House they still will never repeal Obamacare. Let me explain why. The money has already started to be spent. Actually that's exactly why HHS is trying to burn through the money as fast as they can. They all know once the spigot is turned on, it's damn near impossible to turn it off.

So here is what will happen. They will hem and haw about repeal, but mark my words, they will come out and say that before they repeal it, they want to have a different bill in place. That bill will never be agreed upon, that bill will never be written. It will fail. They will fail. Why because they have no spine.

So now we get a man with no principals, trying to lead a bunch of morons with no spine. Wonderful, isn't this just great? When are we going to wake up? Until we come to the point where we actually do something drastic like remove both of them from leadership, along with Eric Cantor and show the rest of the yellow belly RINO's that we are serious, we will continue to get stabbed in the back and ignored.

Of all the candidates that could have secured the nomination, with the exception of the one that won it last time around, we could not have picked a worse candidate. And would somebody please tell me who was the dumbass who thought that Mitch McConnell and John Boehner were going to be great stewards of conservatism?

In the article at the Washington Post McConnell says that he is certain the American people are going to give him the votes to repeal it, while talking out the other side of his mouth about how hard it will be to repeal it. Please fire this man now. Something tells me Jim DeMint wouldn't have a problem gutting this bill and making it disappear.

Conservatist Handbook rule number #1 for freedom: Term limits. No more leadership just because you've been there for 50 years. Do your term and leave. Good-bye

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