Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Texas Law doing its job.

Seriously this is good news. The Houston Chronicle is reporting that the number of criminals killed under the "Stand your Ground Law" has increased since the law was expanded in 2007. Ladies and Gentlemen that is the result of a law doing it's job.

As more criminals are removed from the gene pool by force and not allowed to use the courts to pacify and coddle them there will be fewer of them to worry about.
The numbers reported say that it went from 32 in 2006 to 48 2010. That's a decent jump, but I would have expected more, unless of course the law really did it's job and made criminals think twice about trying to rob someone.

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I didn't go looking for crime stats to prove this, and they didn't report it.

Maybe one day I'll actually go look for them to prove my theory, if anyone cares enough to ask for it.

Of course the Houston Chronicle tries to make you feel bad for the at least one of the criminals that paid the price for his crap on society.

For $20.29 stolen from the tip jar of a Houston taco truck, 24-year-old Benito Pantoja was shot with a .357 Colt and killed.
The owner of Tacos Del Indio, parked near the Ship Channel, ran him down as he tried to escape with the cash, fired into the getaway car and hit Pantoja in the back.

Know what this story tells me? That maybe before you reach up and grab something that isn't yours from someone who actually has a job and is a productive member of society you better be certain they aren't armed, because in Texas they can shoot you while your in your get away car trying to flee.

Now that is a law I can get behind. 

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