Sunday, July 1, 2012

More Begging from Barack Obama

So I signed up a while back to receive all the Obama for America stuff. Mostly because I find it humorous to read. Then I realized that this stuff is comedic gold. Take for instance the latest message I got yesterday from Barack Obama himself.

I wonder if he actually took the time to write this out in his personal email account? Maybe that's what he does on all those flights on Air Force One.

From Barack Obama

Friend --

Today is one of the most important fundraising deadlines of this campaign so far.
We might not outraise Mitt Romney.
But I am determined to keep the margin close enough that we can win this election the right way.
To do that I need your help today.
Please donate $3 or more before tonight's deadline:
The stakes in this election are real. Thanks for all your support so far.
Good week.


That's not even the best part of it. Get this if you donate before Midnight tonight you can get a Free BUMPER STICKER!!!! That's right ladies and gentlemen, donate to the man who now claims he can't raise money and you get a bumper sticker to show that you are a complete imbecile and still support Obama.

That or you really really don't like your own money. Either way when I was a child my father had a great bumper sticker on his truck. It went like this..

Clinton: A good example of why STUPID people shouldn't vote.

Man I loved that sticker.

However this just goes to show the fact that Romney out gained them in May, and while Romney and the RNC announced that 4.7 million was raised in the 24 hours after the Obamacare decision, no one has seen the fundraising numbers for Obama and the DNC during the same time. 

When you know you lost you keep it to yourself. Anyone really believe that they would have stayed quiet if they would have won the donation battle that day? Yeah, me neither.

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