Friday, July 6, 2012

Romney sets GOP record, raises 100 million in June alone.

Add that to the 77 million that he took in back in May and you have what is shaping up to be very interesting. Obama and his celebrity friends haven't been able to out gain Mitt since he got he nomination. Now with SCOTUS rallying the base in a way that I don't think Mittens ever could on his own, we are setting up for more whining from Obama.

My how times have changed.
Back in 2008 no one could touch Obama, he raised 150 million in the month of Sep alone that year on his way to a touch over three quarters of a billion. He was suppose to raise an even billion this year, umm, how's that workin out for ya there Barry?

Of course the whining will start shortly, I'm sure it will begin today and most certainly be all the rage on the Sunday morning talk shows, about how Romney and his evil corporate and wall street money are going to buy the election from the poor pitiful Obama, and then with Paul Ryan he's going to wheel your grandma off a cliff.

How much money does Romney need though? I am pretty certain that at some point Obama is going to find some money, I mean the man is begging for it every other hour. Along with that I'm sure he's making millions off of peoples wedding day gifts, right?

So lets say Obama does start to make some headway with his celebrity gala's and makes a little money. At what point does Romney throw down his own money and tell Obama to meet it?  Personally I think about a 250-300 million ad buy right around Oct nationwide would do some good. Don't even leave air time left for Obama to get on the air.

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