Thursday, July 5, 2012

Bobby Jindal is a frickin genius.

Being from Louisiana originally I have followed Bobby Jindal since he broke onto the stage to win the Governorship of the state. I have been extremely impressed with his ability to get to the point of the problem and actually make reforms that are conservative and smart, and then find the political muscle to get them passed. He has managed to get teacher pay reformed in Louisiana, brought school choice to the state, remained a thorn in Obama's eye throughout the drilling moratorium in the Gulf of Mexico, and was one of the first to announce that he refused to expand Medicaid after the SCOTUS ruling.

But now he has shown the world why Mitt Romney needs to seriously consider him for the bottom half of the ticket.
With post made on Redstate he has managed to recreate the famous James Carvelle line about the economy. Now though, It's the Declaration of Independence, stupid.

There are so many theories of how our government should work now, how the Constitution is old and needs to be re-written, how it's a living document that we need to "interpret" that it's nice to see someone come out and basically be able to say if you just read the document you know know exactly what government should be.

Basically Jindal does that here. I am nowhere near as eloquent as him, so just let him explain it to you.

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