Monday, July 2, 2012

Republicans hate you slightly less than Obama

Alternate headline: Republicans still don't have a backbone. Personally I liked the one I put up there, and since I write the damn thing I'll do what I want.

Now on to the actual point of this post. the 2013 Transportation - HUD conglomeration of bills that should have all been voted on individually, passed while reducing the total cost by 3.9 billion less than last year. Good news right? Well since we spent 3.6 trillion last year, and only took in 2.3 trillion that means we saved .003% of our deficit last year. That means we only have 99.997% left to find, just to break even. Or to put it in a number that you understand, we only need to find $1,296,100,000,000 more of wasteful spending in the budget right?
You would think that. But you would be wrong. Presented with the opportunity to actually shut down some waste, save some tax payer dollars and prove the world that we are actually serious about not becoming Greece, what did Congress do? They shoved it through to make sure their long weekend wasn't interrupted. Like this bill was so pressing that it couldn't wait.

If you really want to depress yourself go to Redstate here and read the Amendments to this bill that were shot down by our so called Conservate House of Representatives. Still wonder why I have no faith that Boehner will actually repeal Obamacare, or lower the debt, or do anything that would actually be good for the country?

Here are a couple that stood out to me.

McClintock AMDT to eliminate the Essential Air Service rural pork program.  This program provides $1000+ per-seat subsidy for airlines to fly into small airports that would otherwise be unprofitable. Failed 164-238 [roll call #417]

So 238 Congress critters found it necessary to waste 1000 bucks per seat to make sure airports that are rarely used(or they would be profitable) can stay in existence?

Flake AMDT to reduce the amount provided for the HOME investment partnerships program by $200 million.  In 2011, the Washington Post described this program as “a dysfunctional system that delivers billions of dollars to local housing agencies with few rules, safeguards or even a reliable way to track projects.” The Flake amendment merely prevented the increase in funding from FY 2012 levels! Failed 178-242 [roll call #436]

We can't even get the funding ripped out for a program that is know to have no oversight basically.

Ladies and Gentlemen this has go to stop. This is completely retarded I realize there are a few decent ones in there, but let's be honest, the only way to solve this problem is completely new faces and term limits. 

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