Tuesday, July 3, 2012

July 4th Fireworks cancelled because birds could be scared.

In a headline that makes you go wtf? Fox News is reporting via The Oregonian that the July 4th fireworks display in the town of Depoe Bay has been canceled because some birds could get scared.

No seriously.
So because a bird got spooked by exploding fireworks that brought in tourists to the town for the last 19 years and boosted the local economy the fireworks must be stopped.


But Rebecca Chuck, deputy project leader with the Oregon Coast National Wildlife Refuge Complex, said the move was necessary to protect species such as the Brandt's cormorant that nest at Pirates Cove. The cove is less than a mile south of Boiler Bay, where the fireworks show is held, and seabird colonies on the north coast face intensifying pressure from bald eagles and other predators.

No seriously I can't make this up. Because a bird was spooked by loud noises they threatened the town with violating the Migratory Bird act of 1918, and refused to issue the permit.

All of this started because some bleeding heart liberal called wildlife and fisheries in 2010 and said they saw birds flying away during the fireworks.

I understand the need for protecting certain animals from extinction , however I just have a hard time following this one. I really have a hard time believing that the birds would leave their nests forever and refuse to return because of some loud noise for ONE night.

What happens if a car wreck happens near by and scares them? Does that mean cars will be banned? Wait don't bother I already know the answer.

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