Friday, December 2, 2011

Congress Calls Obamas Bluff

I was going to write about this a couple of days ago. Then my computer decided that it no longer wanted to cooperate with me at all. After multiple sayings that can't be repeated and blue screens a plenty I managed to get it back late yesterday.

Now on to the problems. The House and Senate both passed a 662 billion dollar defense bill that normally would just sail through and become law. But this one has a problem that Obama just cant stand the thought of. It requires that anyone caught and admits to affiliation to Al Quaeda or other terrorist organization instantly becomes property of the U.S. Military, even if they are US citizens. This waives their rights to trials and opens them up to indefinite detention.

Obama, Panetta, and every civil rights group out there hates it. That tells me it probably is a good plan. Although i do understand the slippery slope argument for the citizens captured and held indefinitely.

The Senate voted 92-7 for it, not sure about the house vote yet, but it seems like it would veto proof as well. Now all that has to happen is the bills to be combined and sent to his desk. 

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