Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Could a Bloomberg run guarantee Repub Victory?

Ed Morrissey recently wrote a column talking about possible third party candidate runs in The Week. He talked about a possible Ron Paul and Sara Palin run but the last name that he brought up made me think a little bit. He touched on a Bloomberg independent run. Could it happen? Who knows, the man definitely has the money to make a run in the Perot style. The real question becomes would it make a difference?

Morrissey thinks that it would play out the worst for Obama in the northeast and Pennsylvania. I want to talk about a different state. What about Florida?

I lived in the state for a little over 7 years, my wife is from there, I have a pretty decent feel for things down there. Now I've never worked on a campaign or in politics in any form so maybe I'm completely wrong, but if I am then someone is going to have to explain it to me.

I know a lot of people that live in FL that used to live in the northeast. They aren't exactly conservative but they also find Obama a bit too far to the left for their views as well. Because of this most of the people I know fell into the Hope and Change meme and voted for Obama. Listening to them now they regret that decision.

So lets say a man from the northeast with the money to make it work and views not as extreme as Obama runs, how does that play out with all of the transplants down in FL. Say they go for Bloomberg that's not enough for him to win the state but it would definitely be enough to ensure that the republican nominee takes FL easily. Add that to the votes he would take in the northeast and some other rust belt states and just like that Obama goes down the way that George H. W. Bush went down.

And we here at The Handbook are willing to get behind anything that causes Obama to have to join the unemployment line come Jan 2013.

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