Tuesday, November 29, 2011

UPDATED: A Mea Culpa and the last Herman Cain Post

We here at The Handbook thought we were on to something. We had found a guy with a good business acumen and apparent set of principled beliefs that we thought we could get behind. For a while the ride was a fun one. Then the first allegations came of the sexual harassment. Those didn't seem to hurt him at first until they continued to pile up. Now comes the newest story that he had a 13 year affair with a woman.

 Redstate has a couple stories on it here and here, while Hotair has the video of the accuser here. She apparently had his personal cell number and apparently has documents to prove the affair existed. I haven't watched the video. To be honest I don't have to nor do I really want to at this point. He's done and there is nothing basically that can save him. He needs to get out now and throw what little support he has still behind him to someone else.

The real question becomes why would he run knowing these things were out there? Did he believe they would never come out or did he never expect to get to this point in the campaign trail. Looking back on everything I believe that he just thought he would get in for a little while make some noise then run out of money and go off to sell his books. The real problem became once he started making strides and becoming the front runner. He had no staff in place capable or competent enough to make this run. Then again maybe the staff would have been able to handle all of this if he had been open with them from jump. But like I said taking everything that has happened in this campaign I don't believe there is anyway this particular staff would ever have been able to pull it off for any candidate much less one as tarnished as this one.

So my apologies for pushing Herman Cain. From now on we here will not support any candidate both for our egos and there election chances apparently.

But to Mr. Cain, please bow out now so we can get back to focusing on what is really important and making sure Obama is a one term president. Thank you.

UPDATE: According to National review online Herman Cain is reassessing his candidacy. He believes the this might be too much for him to overcome in the court of public opinion and cause problems for people wanting to back him. Well at least he is smart enough to figure out that he should go away quietly now. Thanks for playing.

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