Friday, December 2, 2011

Why does GOP leadership hate us?

I ask this question not from one particular incident but from the conglomeration of everything they have done to stab us in the back. From the days of GWB's congress runaway spending that only got worse under democratic control to the most recent lie they told us about no omni-bus bills.

Why is it every time I look at any of the idiots that we have placed in leadership positions I feel like I'm about to get kicked in the guy. Mitch McConnell looks like the guy that is certain that he is smarter than you and is about to tell you about it in the most condescending way that he can. Oh you want tax cuts and reduced spending? Well if I do that I might have to make a hard decision so here I'll give you a super committee that can fail miserably and laugh at you and tell you that you don't understand how DC works when you complain.

Guess what Mitch. I don't care how DC works. I know how math works, hell my six year old is smart enough to figure out that if she only had 1 dollar she can't buy the 10 dollar baby doll. You on the other hand are apparently dumber than a six year old. That or you just think were going to go along because you have an R next to your name.

Don't think I forgot about you Boehner. I'm on to you. You remind me of that guy who tried to sell me a used car that didn't have and engine and tried to convince me of the gas I was going to save with it.

I'm tired of it. We sent a bunch of Tea Party conservatives to congress last year to send a message. Apparently it wasn't received. I can tell it wasn't because they keep offering up ignorant plans like they are now. The only thing they need to be doing right now is beating the Senate over the head with the Ryan budget that passed the House. If dems don't like it then pass your own budget and reconcile. But when we go to reconcile make sure Boehner and Cantor are no where near the room. I want people who have a back bone and are willing to shut everything down to make a stand and show the American people just how useless Obama, Reid, and the perpetually surprised one are. (If you don't know who I'm talking about with that just look at any picture of Nancy Pelosi. Free writing gig to anyone that can find a picture of her that she doesn't looked shocked in.)

That's all for this rant. Rest assured though more are coming.

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