Thursday, December 1, 2011

Schumer Believes D will pick up seats in '12

Senator Chuck Schumer is either high on something or is seriously trying to convince himself its not as bad it's gonna be. In an interview with The Hill he claimed that Democrats not only will hold their majority in the Senate but expand their lead.

Is it possible? Sure anything is possible and lets be honest the GOP don't exactly have the greatest track record of taking what is there for the taking. Multiple times we have seen them snatch defeat from the jaws of victory. I would say that there is no way for the GOP to lose the momentum they have built from the Tea Party already. But then again this is the same GOP that still has Mitch McConnell and John Behner in charge of things.

Personally until the leadership of this party matches what the base wants I still think that distrust and fear of them will stay. The fact that they refuse to hold the line on just about anything once it gets hard just goes to show why we don't trust them.

So is it possible for Dem's to pick up seats this year? Sure but it will be because of Republican leadership failures and not because of some great strategy pulled off by Dems.

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