Tuesday, November 29, 2011

CNN tries to make you feel bad for illegals

I think I vaguely remember this story from a few months ago. Of course back then I would have felt the exact same way that I do now. "Oh well sucks to be you."

CNN is re-running the story of Nancy Guarneros who would have you believe that her mom kept it from her her entire life that she was in fact an illegal alien. So Nancy thinking she was here legally although never seeing her own birth certificate or apparently applying for anything that would require one, was devastated once she found out that she couldn't go to Harvard, since she couldn't afford the tuition and wasn't eligible for financial aid.

Quick question, how did she get into school all those years with no ssn? How did she prove her age to the school system to be allowed admittance and placed into the proper grade? How is it she didn't find this all out until she wanted a drivers license but was finally told by her mom that she didn't have one?
So she never participated in sports, or anything that would be age restrictive?

Excuse me for not feeling bad for her. Maybe if her mom hadn't spent the last 20 years or so working as an illegal nanny for someone in LA, she might have had time to go get that paperwork done to get herself admitted legally.

Up and until that happens well I'm sure there is at least one college in Mexico.

But alas don't worry, CA signed in their own Dream Act so now she can go to college there, and guess what she's doing now even though its publicly known that she's here illegally? Why holding art exhibitions and rallies for illegal immigration of course.

Yeah that's what we need here more people making them sound like victims instead of the criminals they are.

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