Thursday, December 1, 2011

See Boehner has no backbone or principals

This from Fox News.
In a turn of events that will surprise absolutely no one. Speaker John Boehner is probably going to side with Dems and pass an Omni-bus CR since the gov will run out of money come Dec 16.

I am shocked I tell you, Shocked, Speechless even.

Truth is no I'm not and neither are you. You knew this was coming, you knew deep down you never believed them when they said they weren't going to pass any Omni-bus bills. Everything to be voted on right John. Screw you.

I am so tired of this. How do we keep doing this to ourselves. If the gov is out of money because everyone wanted to wait and watch the Super committee fail like we all knew it would, well then this on you. Now own it. Put the pressure on Dems. Everytime they scream about shutting the government down over Christmas talk about the fact that no budget has been passed since they took over. Talk about how the House has passed on that the Senate refuses to vote on. Scream about any number of things but stop giving in just because its going to look bad for a little while.

So the gov shuts down for a little while. Big whoop. Who cares. He talks about how the conversation in DC has changed to talking about spending cuts. Yeah where are they? I haven't seen any to anything that will make a difference.
Oh wait I forgot you let McConnell torpedo the last shutdown when we could have exerted the most leverage and create this ignorant super committee. Good job. You fail.


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