Saturday, December 17, 2011

Keystone XL Pipeline

So with the passage of the extension for UI benefits and the Payroll tax cut for two months. The GOP managed to not screw it up and get the Keystone XL pipeline in the bill.

According to FoxNews a senior official in the Obama Administration said that Obama would almost certainly deny a permit.

That brings up an interesting question. According to Hot Air this could all come up again in two months because its possible all of the environmental data will not be done in the 60 days this bill covers. So did Obama set this up to wait 60 days and then be able to say he doesn't have enough data or like the data that he sees and decides try to push it back behind the election again. At that point does the GOP stand up and force his hand.

I have zero faith that the GOP leadership has absolutley any clue at all as to what they are doing. I think they want to be "friends" with those across the aisle and will sell out anyone they have to.

Basically until they pipeline is being built and Obama is out of office and the GOP elects new leadership that has a set and a back bone and maybe just maybe a set of principals. Until then we here at The Handbook will continue to be pessimists about anything the GOP claims they won in a negotiation.

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