Wednesday, December 14, 2011

House Introduces No Confidence Bill for Eric Holder

Rep Paul Gosar (AZ-R) filed H. Res 490 which is a bill to force a vote of No Confidence in Attorney General Eric Holder. This should be the first step towards impeaching and removing what could possibly be the worst and least effective Attorney General in the history of this country. That being said, does this mean that they had confidence in him prior to Fast and Furious?

 According to Daily Caller and Hot Air there have also been calls that if he won't go away on his own that Congress could go through the process of making him leave.

I personally have another question though. Where was all this righteous indignation when it came out that Eric Holder had absolutely no intentions of prosecuting criminals and upholding the laws as soon as he was put in office. Don't remember, it had something to do with Black Panthers and voter intimidation, see here, and here.

Shockingly Boehner and Cantor will not comment on how they will handle the resolution to vote no confidence. Once again GOP leadership shows they hate you and don't care what you think. If either of them had a spine or some sense of responsibility they would make sure this is the next vote cast in the house. It is beyond time to make sure Obama and Holder are forced to answer questions they don't want to answer.

What the hell once you get the impeachment process going go ahead and throw the voter intimidation charges in there as well. Maybe just maybe if it comes out just how crappy this administration is someone in the MSM might at least mention that Holder should be impeached. But I ain't holding my breath.

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