Friday, December 16, 2011

Destroying the Left's Voter ID myths Part II

As promised here are the numbers for Indiana. As stated in the previous post only GA and IN had voter ID laws in the 2008 election year so I am using the numbers from 2004 and 2008 to prove that requiring ID in order to participate in elections DOES NOT suppress turnout, nor does it disenfranchise voters.

So here are the numbers. Unfortunately I can't find the numbers on the IN SOS site like I was able to for GA that broke them down by race and age, so these are the total numbers based on Race alone in IN. The only place that I was able to find this information was the William C. Velasquez Institute webpage. This is the link for the IN breakdown.

2004        Reg            Reg %        Turn out        TO %
Blacks - 229,000       62.2%         198,000       86.5%

Latino -  57,000         48.3%         41,000         71.9%

Blacks - 228,000       63.3%         219,000       96.1%

Latino - 45,000          44.1%          36,000        80%

So as you can see yes, there were fewer latinos registered to vote in 2008, however a higher percentage of the registered ones showed up to vote. While the black population lost a thousand registered voters 21,000 new voters showed up during the 2008 election. Since minorities and old people were suppose to be the most affected by this why did more of them show up? And why have more of them registered?

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