Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Proof that Scott Walker is doing a good job.

In Wisconsin Scott Walker has endeared himself to conservatives, fought against Unions, saved a failing government budget and made multiple school districts solvent for the first time in who knows how long. But not every is excited about the changes that he has made to the gov.

 For instance Hot Air and Mediaite are both reporting that Adolf Hitler and Mickey Mouse are NOT fans of Scott Walker. Which is weird because I'm pretty sure that I was told repeatedly that Scott Walker was Adolf Hitler. I guess the signs by unions during that fight were lying to me.

However the best part is that the election board of Wisconsin said that they will flag the signatures but will not throw them out unless someone challenges them. Ummm.. I'm confused. They do know who Adolf and Mickey are right?

Cause I have a bunch of Mickey videos that I can send them to make sure they understand that we are talking about a cartoon character made by Walt Disney.

So can we do a blanket challenge about any name that is the same of a fictional or historical person or character? Or what about a FOIA act and get a judge to issue and injunction until and independant 3rd party can verify the signatures.

Oh wait I forgot this is a liberal cause. Never mind.

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