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Destroying the Left's Voter ID myths

So I read and posted about the articles talking about how Mickey Mouse and Adolf Hitler's signatures would be accepted on the Scott Walker recall petition unless they were individually challenged. We can get into the idea of common sense and personal responsibility, but something tells me that it would be a foolish fight. You can't argue with leftist any more than you can argue with the brick wall in front of me. That being said this is one that I just couldn't resist. Usually I just give everyone the gist of whats going on and a quick breakdown of my feelings/ideas. Well today I actually went and did research. What I found is enough to make every liberal squirm and scream bloody murder. I'm actually looking forward to it.

What really got my angry enough to go through all of these spread sheets and give myself a headache was mostly the comments on the bottom of the page on Mediaite's story about the Scott Walker recall. I kept reading about the Brennan Foundation and NYU Law School and how 5 million minority and senior voters were going to be unable to vote once all of these Voter ID laws passed. While I never believed it to be true I wanted to make sure that no one could argue with the data. Brennan claims that 1 in 10 people do not have the ID that is required to be able to vote. Well that's crap. As most people are smart enough to understand if that were the case then 1 in 10 people wouldn't be able to fly, rent cars, buy cigarrettes, cash a check, open a bank account, or basically live their life. Since most purchases in the US are done with either a Credit Card or a check card guess what you need to have to use one, well at least most of the time.  According to CBS Democrats claim that 21 million people don't have ID. It doesn't say how many of these people are below voting age or would do anything that would require one.

So all that being said 2 states have had strict voter ID laws since prior to the 2008 Presidential election. So I used those states for the purpose of this. First one up is Georgia. I went back to compare the 2004 election to the 2008 election so that no one could say I was comparing apples to oranges.

The law in GA wasn't official until a judge ruled in 2007 that the law was legal and there was no evidence of causing harm to anyone. In fact if there are so many people with no forms of ID why did the Dems have to transport a guy 200 miles to testify but couldn't bring him the 6 miles to the DMV near his house and get him an ID. Which brings up another point, why don't we stop voter registration drives and busing people to the polls and bus them to the DMV and get them some ID so they can vote? Seems simple enough to me.

So if your a resident of GA what do you need to have on you to vote? Well one of 6 things according to the Ga gov website. All of the following information was also taken from that page.

For the actual spread sheets 2004 and 2008. (pdf required)

So lets look at minorities first.
Black Females                               Black Males                 Lat Females          Lat Males
          2004      2008                   2004       2008                2004    2008         2004      2008
18-24  57%      65%                    45%        52%                49%      51%          41%      41%
25-29  71%      73%                    57%        60%                56%      55%          49%      44%
30-34  78%      79%                    66%        68%                63%      62%          55%      51%
35-39  80%      83%                    69%        73%                68%      68%          60%      58%
40-44  81%      84%                    70%        75%                73%      70%          65%      64%
65+     76%      76%                     75%        80%               72%       66%         69%      71%

So let me break down the ones that the left is going to cling to. Yes percent wise a few went down. However the number of registered and thus the number of voters actually rose in EVERY category.

Lat females 40-44 1706-4270,   65+ 590-1816

Lat Males  25-29  1743-3907,  30-34  1840-3760, 35-39  2700-4150,  40-44  1986-4481

Overall in the State of Georgia after just over a year of everyone having to get used to this draconian new law designed by rich white men to suppress minorities and old people had this happen

77% in 04 and 76% in 08 basically no change
65+ in 04 81% and in 08 82%

So about that myth Liberals? I'm here anytime you want. And unlike you I have the facts on my side.

I will do the numbers for Indiana tomorrow.

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  1. Go ahead and do the numbers, but I can tell you now. Voting participation has increased since it went up, even in off-year elections