Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Ron Paul in Iowa

I'm not really going to delve into the concept of "could" Ron Paul win Iowa. Frankly it's a caucus and no one is better organized or has more of a rabid fan base. But my real question comes from the intrigue that Hot Air threw into my mind when I was reading this post.

The question at the end really peaks my interest. Could a Paul win in Iowa and a really strong showing in NH and then again on Super Tues possibly cause the convention to be split and get someone like Paul Ryan to come in and save us from the crap that the presidential field has become?

Probably not he has made it pretty clear he didn't want to run. But oh the fun we could have watching him put the fear into Barack everytime they got on a stage together.

Imagine this a Ryan/Rubio ticket. I honestly believe there is no way that ticket could lose and in a bonus all facets of NBC would probably explode the moment it was announced.

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