Monday, December 19, 2011

Dear Leader Dead

So while reading Fox News this morning I find out that Kim Jong IL died today. What does that mean for both North Korea and the rest of the world. Kim Jong Un, the third son has already been tabbed as the heir apparent, so the question becomes what exactly do we know about Jong Un. Is he as crazy as "Dear Leader" was? Personally I don't know.

So a heart attack finally did in Kim Jong Il. South Korea went to a higher state of alert once they confirmed the news, which was probably a smart move.

We don't know what was going through the minds of the North Koreans at the time, but I can imagine that in their paranoia they could have seen it as a moment of perceived weakness that would embolden the world to come in and try to take the whole system out. Once that kind of mindset permeates a place or individual what would they be willing to do to prove to everyone that they are no weaker.

Also the quotes in the AP report about everyone being in tears about "Dear Leaders" death I just have a problem believing. I'm sure there were people crying but something tells me the average person in North Korea probably doesn't care due to the fact that it doesn't help or hurt their lot in life.

Now that being said does Kim Jong Un come out and do something as crazy or crazier than his dad to prove to the world that he isn't to be messed with?

Hot Air asks the question of whether the military will actually follow Kim Un or if there will be units that go rogue or a populist movement to oust the current regime. Both good questions but since they revere Kim Il Sung so much and never missed a beat when the last crackpot took over it probably won't make much of a difference on who is destroying their lives now.

The real question is what does a person who just got handed Nuclear weapons at the age of around 30 or so.

So one more question, he supposedly studied in Switzerland until about 2000 or so then went back to become a General in the Army of North Korea. The interesting part though is that classmates say he has a fascination with the NBA and Michael Jordan.

So would it be possible that he is not as nuts as his dad and might be willing to try to come out from the darkness that is North Koreas current predicament, even if is willing though, would he be able?

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