Sunday, June 24, 2012

White House preparing to be slapped down by SCOTUS.

Valerie Jarret told the National Association of Black Journalists in New Orleans Saturday that the White House is prepared for the ruling from SCOTUS. Then went on to prove that they know they are about to get smacked down by blaming the GOP for having the policy of "NO".

So we're still going to use that slogan uhn? I mean the constant budgets that were passed by the house, controlled by the GOP, made you think it is the party of no? The constant bills coming out of the House that actually push things that would create jobs, such as Keystone XL are the reason that we still have unemployment above 8% and a 16 trillion dollar debt right?

Jarret goes on to say that the reason that the Affordable Care Act aka Obamacare is so unpopular has nothing to do with the fact that no one ever got to read the bill before it was voted on, or that everyone recognized it for what it was, an attempt to take over the health care industry and create a single payer system.

Nope it was because Republicans won the PR war after the bill was passed by bringing up things in the bill, like Death Panels, and rationed coverage, and exponential increases in cost for private insurance because of new regulations, like having to cover your deadbeat kid until they are 26.

According to her they spent massive amounts of time crafting this bill. Well I guess that could be true, but I'm pretty sure the anger from their own base at the time was that the White House basically left the entire bill up to Pelosi and Reid to draft and get passed. Of course in their defense they were trying to write budgets that would get absolutely 0 votes total. Ever.

She goes on to say that her lowest point since joining the White House was the debt crisis of 2011. Which is weird because it was definitely one of the lowest points I've had since the elections in 2010. To be so close to finally getting the government shut down to prove a point that we can't continue in this fashion we get stabbed in the back by our supposed leadership. Why? Because McConnel and Boehner have no spine. But that's another rant I'm sure I will have reason to do in the near future. Like the next time they sell us out.

The most telling statement she made though was that this was a great note to end her public service. I agree with you there Valerie, I think November is a great time to end yours and your bosses public service.

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