Friday, June 29, 2012

Holder voted in Contempt what to do now

So I said last night that it was basically a foregone conclusion that Holder was going to be struck with a contempt citation from the House yesterday. Of course I also wrote about how happy I was going to be when I found out that SCOTUS did the only logical thing and stuck down Obamacare in its entirety.

So after SCOTUS crushed my dreams of reining in federal power I actually got a little nervous about the contempt proceedings. Not because I didn't think the votes were there, but because I didn't actually trust John Boehner to actually do something that took some kind of backbone.

Although having 17 Dems vote with him probably made it a little bit easier for his spineless soul to allow it to happen though.
Question is what happens now? Does the District Attorney of DC actually bring his boss before a Grand Jury? As I asked before can Holder just use prosecutorial discretion and not prosecute himself? How badly would the political fallout from that be?

I still don't think that the documents that are being asked for are seen before the election. If they are it will be very close to that time. Lawsuits have to be filed. Judges have to rule. Slow things have to happen.

So lets all stay focused. I know the Obamacare decision is going to take up most of the attention for the next few forever. Just don't forget, there are more irons in the fire to destroy Obama with. Don't let any of them go cold. This is the only one we can tie around his neck that shows how little he actually cares for the people of this country and our government as a whole.

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