Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Contempt vote for Holder on Thurs?

Apparently according to some Republican aides. Right now the vote is tentatively scheduled for Thursday, which could mean a couple things. Allapundit at Hot Air thinks that John Boehner and his spineless friends are trying to lessen the impact of the vote against Holder.

I can see that. But I also have another idea.
What if just for once the leadership in the House has come up with a hell of a plan. Follow me on this. Friday only gives you the weekend. I believe most people aren't paying attention on the weekends because well most of us have a life. However, while at work on Fri people have nothing more to do than read news. I mean who actually spends time at work, you know, working.

So what if the goal is to make Thursday basically the day from hell for Obama. We already believe that Chief Justice Roberts is going to be writing the Majority opinion on Obamacare, that pretty much tells me he already lost that battle. The only question left there is by how badly.

So why not add to that, when your enemy is at his lowest you hit him harder. So while Obama is distracted trying to figure out how to get out from under the crush of ads that are about to tie Obamacare around his neck while the economy still craters, comes this.

His AG is now held in Contempt of Congress. That gives two major stories that the WH has to find a way to spin all weekend, including Friday. That could be enough pressure on one campaign to screw them up for some time. It's not like either of these stories is going to go away.

Once the vote is finished and Holder is found in Contempt comes the civil lawsuit. That's even more things that the WH has to focus on while they try to run a campaign that ain't exactly bringing in the bacon that they thought it would.

Think about it, you hear one bad thing about someone, well maybe it was a one off, but if I can give you multiple examples of how that person is completely wrong, well now I give my argument more credence.

Then again this is John Boehner we are talking about here. Allapundit is probably right. Boehner is probably trying to have it both ways. What if Boehner isn't running this decision though? What if this decision is pressure coming from Issa and the like? Maybe this is a do it or lose our confidence in you type of thing?

We shall see how it turns out though. Either way should be alot of fun come Thursday. Hell I might even take the day off of work so I can make sure I don't miss anything.

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