Monday, June 25, 2012

Issa Finally Understand the point of Fast and Furious

For months now we have heard about how Fast and Furious was nothing more than a botched attempt at continuing a program that was started and subsequently shut down by the Bush Administration in Operation Wide Receiver. The biggest difference in the two was that Wide Receiver was done with Mexican co-operation and actually, you know, interdicted the guns before they could get lost.

Fast and Furious on the other hand was nothing more than pure political theater and they know it.
There is a reason that Obama issued the Executive Privilege on all of the documents that Issa wants. They will show that this wasn't a "botched" operation. This worked exactly the way they had planned it. Well I don't believe the intended for Border Agent Brian Terry or ICE agent Jamie Zapata to die, then again they had to realize that by arming one of the most dangerous drug cartels in Mexico that something like this probably would happen. I say would because there is no way that any sane person could look at this plan and not realize that people were going to die from it.

Instead the DOJ and ATF decided that some dead Mexicans and a couple dead federal agents were worth the cost of the operation. What was the purpose though you ask? Simple GUN CONTROL.

When you really look at it, it becomes really simple to understand and link the dots together. The left has to find a way to circumvent your 2nd amendment rights, be that by blaming wildfires on guns, or making sure that the 90% lie actually becomes true. Their goal in life, among other things, is to take away your guns. Why? Because a disarmed populace is easier to control.

Hot Air wrote a piece that showed some people skeptical of this idea because they believe this started in AZ at the ATF and that people who have been blamed would have said they were just following orders. I disagree. Some times people fall on sword to ensure that the cause gets to move forward.

Some people may think we have stepped off the deep end on this one. Trying to take two separate things and tie them together. I think those people have willfully suspended their disbelief, to steal a phrase.

I truly believe that the courts are going to overturn this frivolous and abusive use of Executive Privilege and once that happens well then the fun is really going to begin.

Handbook question: Any chance that ruling comes down before Nov? And if it does any chance the Obama Administration actually complies? Not like it would be the first time they have disobeyed the courts.

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