Monday, June 25, 2012

Mother gets bill for cleanup after illegal immigrant kill her son.

Anna Gonzalez an ILLEGAL IMMIGRANT living in this country for 12 years decided that since she was already violating federal law by being here, and presumably working, would go ahead and up the ante. So she decided to get liquored up and kill someone while she was driving.

But wait it gets better.

 So after the mother of Justin Walker was notified that her son had been killed by an illegal alien who was driving drunk at the time came the really fun parts. She was billed for the towing of the car, storage of the car, and finally she was sent a $50 bill for cleaning her sons blood off there street.

There are so many things wrong with this story. Lets start with the obvious. Illegal alien Anna Gonzalez was sentenced to 17 years in a South Carolina Prison. According to her information on the South Carolina inmate database she is scheduled to be released Dec 9, 2026.

See before you only thought you were paying for her entire life, now you really get to pay for it. Everyday, three hot meals, a bed to sleep, cable TV to watch, a chance to workout and get into shape. Granted prison life probably ain't much fun. But that's besides the point. Why are we paying for any of it?

As soon as she was found guilty she should have been shipped back to her original country. If they wouldn't agree to lock her away for the 17 years she was given here fine. Ship her to a different country. I hear Zimbabwe is nice this time of year. I hear their prisons are really nice too.

Then that brings us back to the other problem with this story. What the hell South Carolina? You send the bill for the clean-up to the boys mother? I guess once you realized that Gonzalez was here illegally you weren't getting anything outta her gotta get it somewhere?

And just think 800,000 more just got permission to stick around.

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