Sunday, June 24, 2012

New reason to challenge your 2nd amendment rights.. Wildfires

According to the Governor of Utah people shooting guns has been responsible for 20 of the wildfires in Utah this year and were responsible for 24 wildfires last year. This causes problems for the Governor because he is restricted by Federal and State laws along with recent rulings from SCOTUS that he can't issue an emergency ban on people using firearms.

There is also that pesky thing called the Constitution, but he never mentions that.

So let me see firing my gun into dry grass will set it on fire. Oh wait, no not that they say. Firing my gun into dry grass that has rocks that allows the bullet to ricochet, causing a spark, which lights the grass into an instant inferno.

Ummmm... Sorry I have a hard time believing this one. I have been around guns my entire life, I have shot them in every condition I can imagine, and magically not once have I started a fire. Well once but it involved an old microwave and some gas. And even then it took quite a while to actually make it happen.

NBC uses a story that was originally published in the Christian Science Monitor that cites "experts" that claim guns caused these fires.

Authorities now say 20 of Utah’s wildfires this year were started by target shooters, compared to 24 in total last year – with three months left in the western wildfire season. The Dump fire near Saratoga Springs, Utah, started near a landfill when the spark from a bullet hitting a rock set off a patch of grass, which then quickly spread, fueled by dry conditions and gale-force winds.

Wait, What? So I can see if the shooters were say smoking and dropped a cigarette that wasn't completely stamped out, I would buy that. But the instant that a spark lasts from a ricochet bullet started a massive fire instantly. Oh yeah that's right, it was the gale force winds.

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