Monday, June 18, 2012

Great News: McCain wants to revist Campaign Finance Reform

The lefts favorite Republican was at it again on Sunday. While on Meet the Press he told everyone just what he thought of the Citizens United decision from the Supreme Court.

"I think there will be scandals as associated with the worst decision of the Supreme Court in the 21st Century — uninformed, arrogant, naive," McCain said on NBC's "Meet the Press."

Yep, because he has shown the brilliance of being able to figure out how campaign finance should work. Maybe he should sponsor a bill in the Senate or something. Oh wait, you say he already did?

McCain-Feingold was one of the worst bills ever passed by Congress, I mean just look at who the bill is named after you knew nothing good was going to come of it.

It completely limited free speech when it comes to elections and making sure the public is informed of who is running for office. Does allowing more money in campaigns allow for more mud to be slung? Sure, but then again if I want to spend that much money to make sure you don't get elected, well isn't that my right and freedom?

If a candidate doesn't like what they hear, or knows that what is being said is slanderous there are always remedies for that.

Now he believes that there will be multiple scandals and that will force Congress to revisit the issue again. But wait didn't SCOTUS already rule on that particular part of freedom? I believe that they did.

So I guess McCain and Obama have something in common. They both think that SCOTUS is naive and dumb. Good to know.

Watch the video of him on Meet the Press here.

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