Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Finally!!! Obama calls for transparency.

When it comes to the names of the donors of Crossroads GPS. So when it's someone else that is trying to a favor to the country and make sure that Obama is not re-elected, well those people need to be completely transparent.

Of course he hasn't called for Priorities USA, the non-profit set up to help Obama get re-elected, to disclose their donors. That could be because they don't have as many donors as they hoped for.

Once again it's all political. Just like this morning. If Obama didn't have any kind of part or knowledge of Fast and Furious why would he exert Executive Privilege?

Oh yeah because when his AG gets cited for Contempt of Congress, it will probably not be the best re-election speech to hang your hat on. The booming economy we have had under him will be much better. Oh wait.

Read the story in the WSJ here.

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