Monday, June 18, 2012

Dems with no Public Unions Fail, in other news water is wet.

On Fox News today Chris Stirewalt wrote an article that basically said out loud what everyone already knew. Dems can never survive without Unions and primarily PEU's. Why? Because as the article says its a vicious cycle:

The cycle for five decades has been that unions support the campaigns of Democrats who promise to expand the power of unions. Thus empowered, the unions have more money with which to elect more Democrats who further expand union powers. And so it goes.

Then he claims that so it went. In places like WI that have seen a 70% drop in public union membership since Walkers budget reforms have passed in the last year. All that was taken away was the forcible taking of dues from members and giving it to the Unions. 

Shocking that when given the choice to support some out of date organization that is more concerned with getting far left liberals elected than actually taking care of and listening to its members, they would choose to keep their money to themselves. 

As I asked before why do we even have PEU's? I was given some answers about preventing workplace abuse from abusive bosses but since all unions turn to the government "to protect" their workers why exactly would the government workers need protection? Makes no sense to me. 

Then I think about it and it comes to me. It was all because Democrats recognize that by pandering to the unions and letting them grow and develop more power, allows Democrats to stay in power. And in politics that is the ultimate end goal. Screw how you got there. Just stay there. It's all that matters.

The most telling part of that article to me was this though. 

This is a big deal for Democrats. While President Obama is able to raise plenty of money for himself by tapping well-heeled Democrats on Wall Street, in the entertainment industry and elsewhere, Democrats from county clerks to U.S. senators will need billions of dollars over the next decade to stay in power. You can’t get elected superintendent of schools by raffling off dinner with George Clooney. You need the money that comes from the dues paid by the teachers whom you oversee.

That makes sense. Screw the people who work for you to to make them give up their hard earned money to make sure that it ends up back in your campaign chest. Yep, that seems like exactly what the founding fathers had in mind when they founded this country.

With the improvements in WI and everyone seeing that Unions are beatable. Hell they wouldn't even mention the real reason they were trying to recall him during the election. Why because people realized the reforms worked. Shocking, spend less money have less debt. Allow for competition in the market prices come down. I am just speechless I tell you. Who would have ever guessed that would happen? 

Some advice from The Handbook since that's what we do here. Don't try to argue with a leftist about this. It like arguing with a brick wall. Then again the brick wall might actually listen.

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