Tuesday, June 19, 2012

New thing to do in Wal Mart... Make Meth

No seriously, you can apparently make Meth while you shop in Wal Mart. No more dangerous drug deals on corners, no more blowing up your house. Do it right there in the store. Or at least that's what James Richardson was trying to do.


 First thing first, I know no one here ever would have expected that guy to be hooked on meth. But sadly yes he is. Maybe its the red sores all over his face that made security watch him as he tried the "shake and bake" method of making meth. Apparently he just walked around getting everything he needed then grabbed a salt shaker and began ummm.. shaking his next meth hit.

So I've heard of a lot of dumb things to do in Wal Mart. Most of them can be found at peopleofWalmart.com
But I have never heard of trying to make meth while your there. Takes one stop shopping to a whole new level.

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