Monday, November 7, 2011

Shocking,, $33 bil high speed rail plan cost more than advertised

Apparently the same people who did the unemployment numbers for the Obama administration did the cost estimate on what it would cost to build a high speed rail way from LA to SF. Originally this would cost $33 billion. Turns out it would actually cost more than 3 times times that,  98.5 billion is the new estimate, and it would be opened 13 years late.

Now with everything going on in the country right now and unemployment where it is and the economy where it is someone please explain to me why we need to spend 100 billion just to put in a train from LA to SF. Correct us if were wrong but by pulling out the trusty Handbook laptop and logging onto any ticket website online tells me I can fly there any time I want. One search on Orbtiz tells me there are 190 flights there today alone.

So if I can catch a flight there any time I want and it would only take 1hr 15min for a nonstop flight. Of course I would have to deal with the TSA. But lets be honest who really believes that you wouldn't be molested and having nude pics of you taken once you tried to ride the high speed rails.

So if you wanna read more.. heres a link.. warning it is MSNBC twice in one day. So take that for what its worth.

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