Monday, November 7, 2011

UPDATED: Newest Charge against Herman Cain

I was originally going to just make this an update to the previous post about Gloria Allred and the presser scheduled for today, however I felt it deserved its own. CNN has the story and video here, while The Hill has the story here. With this one you get a face and some actual details. At first glance it doesn't look good for the Cain campaign.

However digging just a touch bit deeper one has to look at some of the things and wonder. First she has to read the statement about what happened. I am a man and have never been sexually harassed however I believe that this is something you wouldn't need a script to remember details about. However there is always the possibility of nerves being on national TV and all. The second thing I begin to wonder about besides the fact that it was never officially filed to have charges placed against him is that the woman is from Chicago. This in and of itself means nothing, but does anyone believe that this is beyond the realm of something that someone such as Rahm Emanuel would try to pull off?

No there is no proof of this. Not even circumstantial evidence to say so, however with this particular group we here at The Handbook are instantly suspicious of anything that comes out of Chicago that could be of use to Obama.

Personally we believe that Obama is scared to death of running against Herman Cain. A conservative black man basically takes his entire ability to call everyone and everything against him racist out of the window.

Please debate in the comments.. Both of you who are reading this..

Update: Apparently I missed where Allred claimed this woman to be a Tea Party Republican. I doubt it highly but I guess it's not completely impossible. However as a conservative why wait until hes the frontrunner to come out? Why hire Gloria Allred? And since when are there Republicans of any kind in Chicago?

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