Monday, November 7, 2011

Percentage of people angry with Gov higher than with Bush (I), Carter, or Ford

80% of people responding in the ABC/WAPO poll said that they were either dissatisfied or down right angry with the government. Just to put this in perspective the number for Jimmy Carter was only 77% so theres something that Obama has Carter beat at. Although I'm not sure that's exactly the place that he wanted to beat that particular president at. In fact other than Carters previous record of down right pissed offness shown by the American people George H.W. Bush was at 72%, and Gerald Ford could only muster up a 71% hatred even with the Vietnam war and pardoning Nixon.

Even with the anger from the American people Hope and Change still seems to be able to hold a higher personal opinion than each of the other three previously mentioned. Obama still polls in the 40's although personally we here at The Handbook thinks that Fast and Furious and Solyndra could have something to say about that. However he still polls at 80% fav in the D side so maybe that number is what is holding him above the 40% margin.

Also noted is he is only 1 behind Mittens 47-46, only 5 ahead of Cain 50-45, and 8 ahead of Perry 51-43. What does all this mean. Well a year out with ZERO primaries held so far? Probably not much, however I do believe that once the R nominee is decided these numbers become much more skewed for the Repub side.

With nothing in the offering showing that the economy might come back any time soon. Obama's own words saying that if the economy hadn't improved by this point he SHOULD be a 1 term pres. and the fact that hes blocking proposals such as the Keystone XL pipeline, moving permits for drilling in the Gulf at glacial speeds and has what appears to be no interest at all in allowing Natural Gas drilling well don't expect that job anytime soon.

But don't worry, good news is that were going to hit 15trillion in debt here soon. At 60 or so billion a day in debt how long till we hit that debt ceiling again?

In the words of Terrell Owens "Get your popcorn ready!"

Something tells me this outta be a fun campaign cycle.

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